When it comes to cloud, non-technology companies are the ones to watch

It’s not just technology companies that can leverage innovations like cloud computing. 

For evidence of this, just lookat the The Wall Street Journal and The Drucker Institute have completed the inaugural Management Top 250, a landmark ranking of major US companies.

At One Pacific, we have studied the results and there some surprising insights for us and our clients and partners in Asia. Some of the companies with the highest scores for innovation are not technology companies but these companies and their teams have found ways to incorporate the best strategies from the technology sector to promote innovation, collaboration, and new business models.  The lesson is that all organizations need to focus on technology to stay ahead and succeed.

Not surprisingly, cloud technologies are the number one catalyst for the innovation.  Three of the companies highlighted in the ranking include Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, and Capital One Financial.  Capital One’s CIO states that, “We’re modeling ourselves on companies that have been built in the era of cloud and the internet.”  Indeed, using the cloud they have reduced expensive data centers from eight to three and experienced immediate cost benefits.

Procter & Gamble have used cloud services to deploy game changing data analytics to improve their supply chain.  These services weren’t even available a few years ago and the cost of the technology is amazingly low so with the right business case provides a stunning return on investment.

At Wal-Mart, IT is now a strategic, competitive advantage for the company and the IT teams are extremely focused on specific business areas so they in effect become partners of the business teams.

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