Making digital transformation work for your business

Open any business news publication these days, and you are likely to read some mention about the benefits of digital transformation to the modern enterprise. And while most business executives are increasingly aware that change is a foot, there’s less certainty about how to chart the course to the shiny new future that the media is trumpeting.

As business technology consultants, we are continually asked to provide advice to our clients.  While most if not all digital transformations will involve cloud solutions, it’s not a matter of simply migrating infrastructure to the cloud.  Businesses that truly succeed in adopting digital use the opportunity to actually transform the way they do business.

And “business” is the key word.  Digital transformation is not an IT project but an organization-wide project where IT has to forge a collaborative relationship with the business units to continually improve internal processes and open up new opportunities.  For many IT departments, this will be a big change, so it’s important to select the right partners with the right talent that can help you plan for and manage the changes that will occur.

When it comes to cloud infrastructure, its important to remember that this technology provides scalability and interconnectedness that is unobtainable using a traditional IT infrastructure.  Customers, vendors, and staff can connected from anywhere and from any device; the volume that can be supported is effectively limitless; and the data that is available can add immense value to a business.  All of these need to be factored in to the new digital business models.

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