How technology is increasingly driving a company’s bottom line

Digital tools and services including cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence are driving rapid change, disrupting traditional industries, and will create extraordinary value in 2018.

In recognition of the importance of technology in today’s business environment, global investment firm T. Rowe Price Group Inc. for the first time included a breakout assessment of Technology Innovation and Disruption in their global market outlook.

According to Ken Allen, portfolio manager for science and technology, “one of the top five determinants of success for companies across industries in the next several years will be how well they’re leveraging this technology.”

“Digitization is now a boardroom topic,” Mr. Allen said, “cloud is a boardroom topic.” And earnings calls for non-tech companies regularly feature a discussion of how companies are using these technologies.

At One Pacific, we certainly agree with this assessment, and we are also seeing increased discussion in Asia of how best to use these technologies.  Once clients have moved their core operations such as Finance, Procurement, and Supply Chain to cloud solutions such as NetSuite, they are ready to use the data and more efficient business processes to re-energize their business model and really take advantage of the cloud-based technologies that are available.

One Pacific is happy to have one-on-one meetings with executives to review business models and provide recommendations on ways to leverage cloud technologies.  Learn more about our offerings, or contact us today for a free consultation.

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