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Did you know you can build an automation in 30 minutes? Come join 18 August for the LIVE No-Code Automation Workato Workshop. Register.

No-code automation and integration are saving organizations both time and money. Modern businesses spend too much time across areas like Finance, Sales, Operations, Human Resources, and 3rd parties sharing spreadsheets of fragmented data. This slows down business, decreases profitability, and prohibits gaining any meaningful insights into business performance.

ONE Pacific presents: Workato No-code Automation Virtual Workshop.

Thanks to  Workato. Now business users have relevant info and better workflows with no-code integration and AI-enabled chatbots on this cloud-native, consumer-scale (better than enterprise grade) platform.  It handles app, data, API, integrations and process automation.  Your digital initiatives are no longer with IT department’s backlog.  

On the other hand, IT and business users (like App Admins, Business Analysts, Biz Ops)  can focus on building integrations and automations while providing the tools to IT to manage and govern them.

Workato’s no-code automation platform enables you to create integration and automation workflows at record speed. Here’s your chance to get your hands-on experience with this powerful, fast, and intelligent automation for yourself.*

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Who should attend:

  • Senior executives and department heads from all business functions driving rapid digital transformation
  • Managers using more than one of below systems for any processes such as:
     NetSuite, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, Slack, Google Sheet
    SAP, Marketo, Oracle,  Dropbox, Box, Eloqua, Facebook and more
  • Professionals managing fragmented data daily

Get first-hand experience that you can explore in this virtual workshop:

*Easy and Simple Hands-on section: details about the business tasks and step-by-step instructions will be sent after your registration is confirmed.