Finance Automation Complete Info Pack Series 2: Your Finance team is underserved, here’s why it shouldn’t be

Finance Automation with Workato & ONE Pacific

Jenny Sohn, VP of Finance of Workato, who was also the financial leader and CFO at companies like Netflix, Evernote, and Goldman Sachs explaining how leaders like you can take advantage of automation to lead as a true strategic partner for the global business. Grab a copy here.

” For too long, CFOs have resorted to offshoring, outsourcing, or hiring extra bodies to increase a financial team’s efficiency. But those days are numbered. A recent report from consulting company EY said 65 percent of CEOs believed that automating processes will be a “significant function for tomorrow’s finance function.”

In this white paper, Jenny shared from her own experience the 4 key areas that financial leaders deal with to implement finance automation,  from procure-to-pay, financial reporting, risk & compliance, and empowering the financial team with new value-added duties.  This is beyond data integration but seamless no-code application integration.

Automate Financial Reporting:

Financial reporting: Automate Budgeting and Closing

Risk & Compliance:


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