Finance Automation Complete Info Pack Series 3: Best 10 Finance & Accounting processes robotized for dramatic results

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As the Finance & Accounting function head, you may be embarking on lightweight automation for your high volume and repetitive backend processes

Evaluate your Finance & Accounting process for automation with below:

UiPath has issued this whitepaper titled “How robotic process automation will transform Finance and Accounting” which helps Finance and Accounting functional leader like you to:

  1. evaluate from process to process, which process to be prioritised for automation: purchase order entry, credit note processing, travel and expense report processing, accounts payable, GRN-to-invoice match and release hold, vendor payment, invoicing/billing, cash application, month-end accounting, daily profit and loss reports generation.
  2. be able to quantify the key benefits of automation to realise your short- to mid-term strategic goals.  
  3. have a glance on how flexible automation can free up your expensive F&A resources to work on higher-value activities and focus on outcomes, which not only improves employee engagement but competitiveness and customer experience as well. 

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