Prepare for 2020 and beyond: Automation-led strategy

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Top 10 best practices for leading an automation-led enterprise

In this era of big data and high-quality customer journey being served, enterprises have never been pushed to fulfill your customers’ needs at such pace and quality. Utilizing pragmatic artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business process automation and digitization is deniably the direction to lead your business to meet the unprecedented growth pace.

But first, you need to have an

“Automation First mindset” .

Check out this “automation first maturity model” from UiPath‘s Automation-led Era” research with your business model, workforce model, scale, scope to set off the automation journey of your enterprise from the individual, department, to the entire organization.

With an Automation First mindset, you are to seek “automation solutions first” when designing, improving, or transforming a work process. If a process or a task or can be automated, it should be automated. In this “Automation-first era” research, you will be able to:

  1. Learn from the top 10 best practices in integrating automation to business to predict and prepare for your automation initiatives
  2. Examine the work your team is doing and determine the type of automation you need with your employees with the best human-robot mix from UiPath‘s experience.
Marketing, customer service, human resources, sales ops, procurement and IT are the most common departments that gain real benefits from automation pilot projects.

3. evaluate how top-down or bottom-up approach or a mix may fit your business’ technological and social culture

4. build your own roadmap to integrate automation into your workforce and transform them to strike the right balance between the human employee and robotic capabilities for competitive edges.

We hope the above abstract of the “Automation-first era” has provided you with the key insights in planning automation. For details, you may spend just 20 mins on this full research paper by a few clicks away. Or give us a call to evaluate your automation readiness with our UiPath solution consultants.

Source: “Welcome to the Automation First Era: Your guide to a thriving enterprise in an automated world.” whitepaper by UiPath.

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