Oracle NetSuite: Unlocking Profitability Webinar Series – Cloud ERP Ensures Business Continuity

COVID-19 virus outbreak is taking off the masks from SMBs’ operational vulnerability in Hong Kong. How agile your team and system tackle the market and operational challenges to maintain your profitability in these two months, or maybe longer?

Businesses who survive anytime run on a “single source of truth” .

Business continuity means your finance, sales, inventory and customer data, these true facts are integrated and processed automatically along the business process to achieve the numbers as usual.

How NetSuite’s #1Cloud ERP unlocks your business potentials to maintain or even scale up in tough times? Register this webinar so that you won’t miss a possible turning point of your business.

  1. real-time financial and business processes operate on a true cloud-based platform for remote working
  2. swiftly manage your profitability for switching your revenue stream to the trending services or products based on data
  3. instant financial reports from a consolidated level down to the individual transactions

You cannot imagine how fast you can get your business operation on the cloud up and running. Register this webinar now.

Webinar Details:

18 March 2020 Wednesday, 1100-1145am

Who should attend:

Job Role? If you are a business owner, department or team head of finance, sales ops, sales, procurement, etc.

Industries? No matter you are from fast-paced retail, ecommerce, financial services, wholesale & distribution, manufacturing or professional services of any scale


Ricky Leung,
Practice Manager of Oracle NetSuite, ONE Pacific

Having served the world’s most prestigious clients in consulting practice, Ricky is a double-certified Oracle NetSuite ERP Consultant and Project Manager who generously offers his top-tier professional insights for finance and business management.

Or if you have a burning issue with your business during this virus outbreak, don’t hesitate to call our consultants. We take the time to understand your needs and share best practices with you.