Oracle NetSuite: Unlocking Profitability Webinar Series – Digital/Marketing Agencies Survival & Scale-up

Digital/marketing agencies are the most agile business in the world. Yet acting fast for your clients may not guarantee profitability

Here are the top 5 hindrances of agency growth that we will address in the Webinar:

1.     Profitability not maximized: executives are “flying blind” to make decisions because of limited real-time data to understand the extent customers are being served by utilizing the team’s resources for better paid customers.

2.     Transparency to client: fragmented data in siloed systems consumed unpaid time to consolidate and analyse for client reporting.

3.     Freelancers eroding your bottom line: lack of tracking and justification of resources.

4.     Cross-border and international operation visibility and resource sharing are low due to poor integration between systems

5.     Absence of remote data availability for fast decision making for a regional project pitch

NetSuite’s unified solution provides a collaborative environment for your finance, account servicing, project, media and supporting staff. Integrated processes automatically support the agency’s unique workflows with real-time data availability.

How NetSuite’s #1Cloud ERP unlocks your agency’s potentials to maintain or even scale up in tough times? Register this webinar so that you won’t miss a possible turning point of your agency.

  1. real-time analytics reflecting project profitability, cash flow and status on a true unified cloud-based platform
  2. swiftly manage your focused service portfolio and media inventory based on data
  3. instant financial reports from a consolidated level down to the individual service item to assess profitability for immediate decisions
  4. Track project status beyond time but the profitability of manpower and freelancer productivity.

Webinar Details:
19 March 2020 Thursday, 1100-1145am

Who should attend:
Job Role? If you are an agency owner, director of a department or team head of finance, account servicing, marketing, procurement, etc.

Industries? Digital agency, marketing agency, event agency or brand owner are all welcomed!


Donald delivers a unique blend of international problem solving and project leadership experience with his teams partnering with clients throughout Asia and the Middle East to implement complex ERP Systems, Business Process Improvements. Donald also serves on the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce and was a past Chairman of the Entrepreneurs Committee. He is also serving as a mentor to the Swire Blueprint Accelerator in Hong Kong.

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