Unlock Profitability Webinar For Start-Up/SMB Video Playback

NetSuite Customer Success Story

Hong Kong is still the leading fundraising hub for startups and SMBs giving the slowing down of the economy. While business momentum has experienced a temporary disruption, positivity remains with strong fundamentals and experienced investors and resilient entrepreneurs in the market.

Let’s hear their tips and success stories to prepare for scale-up and fundraising from this NetSuite webinar series: Unlocking Profitability of Startups/SMBs.

NetSuite Cloud ERP Webinar for Startup
NetSuite CloudERP Webinar – Unlocking Profitability Series

Session 1: Investor Panel Discussion: how Startup makes profits in the pandemic? To look at the profitability of your business, you need to have full visibility of the topline and bottom line of your business. Should you go for large deals or smaller deals? What are the considerations that impact business continuity and health that startup and SMBs are to be aware of? Speakers: T12M Ventures Angel Investor and Founder of 18Hall – Alvin Lam
Executive Director from ONE Pacific – Donald Austin

Session 2: Tips from Angel Investor on fundraising Alvin shared his first-person observation on the common mistakes startups and SMBs who lack funding made, and the easier stream to get backed.
Speakers: T12M Ventures Angel Investor and Founder of 18Hall – Alvin Lam

Session 3: NetSuite for high growth companies managing their business agility Why 6 out of the top 7 best performing tech stocks of 2019 are NetSuite customers and 63 of tech IPOs in the US are NetSuite customers since 2011? What are the secret sauces of NetSuite serving as a scalable backbone for funded startups? What are the benefits to migrate to NetSuite Cloud ERP from Xero, Excel spreadsheets or accounting systems?? Speaker: Practice Manager ONE Pacific Oracle NetSuite – Ricky Leung

Session 4: How can Ampd Energy as an start-up raised their seed funding in 1 year? Why startups have to be profitable? As a successful startup entrepreneur whose business has evolved over the past 6 years, Brandon shared how to prioritize funding sources to pitch. Speaker: Ampd Energy CEO and Co-founder – Brandon Ng

If you are an entrepreneur looking for some advice to understand your business’ profitability and how to run your business with more visibility, don’t hesitate to talk to our consultants to learn more.