D-Biz Funding #12 Other online / custom-built / cloud-based business support systems

D-Biz Distance Business Programme Scope #12 Other online / custom-built / cloud-based business support systems
Other solutions, either off-the-shelf or custom-built, that support the programme objectives of enabling enterprises to conduct and continue business remotely but do not fit into the above categories
Solution examples include but not limited to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-application form and approval workflow, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Source: Distance Business Programme Official Website Updated 2 May 2020

From time to them, your finance and accounting team utilizes different systems to track different products and segments of your company—most of which don’t speak to each other. Thus, collecting timely data is nearly impossible, and worse, the data that is accessible isn’t catered to the industry-specific needs of your company. Your finance manager has been working tirelessly with spreadsheets to comply with the reports you need every morning, but they reflect the previous period of business performance. And there is a latency in understanding your business transparency and operational efficiencyYou won’t regret prioritize your D-biz funding application for analytics tools.

With Oracle NetSuite’s Cloud ERP, you can get the analytical insights real-time whereby your finance and accounting teams have the tools needed to provide you with predictive insights and profitability transparency?

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Here are some of the benefits that SuiteAnalytics Workbook can provide. It’s a powerful, secure way to explore and visualize your data that comes with NetSuite CloudERP.

  • Real-Time – When making key business decisions, the closer to real-time the data is the better. Workbook allows you to pull and easily show real-time business results. You can also set up automated reports so that you have up to date numbers on a standard cadence and that are easily sharable.
  • Instant Value – Pre-builttemplates ensure that business users can easily create Workbooks on the fly without writing a single line of code or complex queries, to seek the desired information quickly. Workbooks is already included with SuiteAnaltyics and comes with more than 15 templates – created with multiple key areas of business in mind: commerce search analysis, production costing, procurement, inventory and supply chain.
  • Customizable – Workbook allows you to start with a template then customize it based on your business needs and create sophisticated criteria filters which can be saved, shared and reused.
  • Data Visualization –Workbook includes built-in charts, tables and dashboards helping you visualize your data with simple steps to identify real-time patterns. We’ve included up-to-date sorting and filtering capabilities to ensure it‘s easier to read and understand in terms of trending or a timeline. For example, you can sort the “X” axis by the quarter and see production costs per each month ordered per quarter.

As data becomes more and more important to business decisions, having real-time, easy-to-read data at the fingertips is crucial. With SuiteAnalytics Workbook, you have a program that includes an already familiar interface and have the ability to pull in reports from other programs. It’s a streamlined experience to help grow your business easier and faster.

Where to find Workbook templates?

Out of the box Workbooks can be found under the “Standard Workbook” section on your Analytics home page. The Workbook templates are read-only so just save as a new Workbook, make changes as needed and continue using the Save As button.

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Automation and connection to mission-critical platforms

Even just the move to new financial software will reduce spreadsheet usage with opportunities to automate tasks and connect mission-critical platforms, like CRM and inventory management systems.

Improve cash flow

Automated invoicing, accounts- receivable and payable notifications will support efforts of your finance team to improve cash flow.

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You can also check out this whitepaper to find out “the best ROI to invest with D-Biz funding from the HKSAR Government.”

Prepare for 2020 and beyond with ONE Pacific, Oracle NetSuite's award winning solution partner and authorised partner of Workato, Uipath and Antworks.

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