D-Biz Funding #6 Online / cloud-based financial management systems

D-Biz Distance Business Programme Scope # 6 Online / cloud-based financial management systems
Adopt computerised system to manage the financial related processes of the company, including but not limited to: 1) Invoicing and bill collection, accounting and budget planning, asset and liabilities management, regulatory compliance, reporting 2) System could be cloud-based or accessible remotely by staff with appropriate cybersecurity protections

Source: Distance Business Programme Official Website Updated 2 May 2020

Oracle NetSuite Financials First fits Hong Kong companies who need to migrate your multiple systems or spreadsheets to unified cloud platform as fast as in 100 days! The Edition is built on industry-leading practices developed by regional Professional Services, Sales, Solution Consulting and Product experts, ensuring the optimal fit for small to mid-market companies to be included as part of its D-Biz Programme application in Hong Kong. 

What is the NetSuite Financials First and why are we addressing this specific space?

The Hong Kong Financials First edition is tailored to meet the requirements of small to mid-market customers in Hong Kong. The Premium edition aims to get customers live on NetSuite quickly and simply so that they can experience the value of the platform sooner, while still including enough flexibility to account for larger customers’ requirements.

Have a quick glance of below powerful and versatile features of NetSuite SuiteSuccess Financials First Premium:

1.NetSuite SuiteSuccess Financials First Premium: Amortization

Automate prepaid expense entries on the Vendor Bill scheduling journals into future periods using amortization templates with customizable methods. Watch the demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DEayUN4wY8

2. NetSuite SuiteSuccess Financials First Premium: Allocations

Automate dynamic allocation processes over time using statistical accounts and re-usable schedules to populate recurring journal entries each month. Watch the demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTYjfN5tgh4

As Oracle NetSuite’s award-winning solution partner, our NetSuite certified consultants are happy to show you all the latest features of SuiteSuccess Financials First Premium.

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