Webinar Playback: NetSuite SuiteAnalytics BI

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Webinar by ONE Pacific

Gartner research* revealed that businesses in Asia-Pacific, though mature than other regions, still make decisions with their gut, as 52% don’t rely on data to make transformational, accurate – and measurable – decisions. And such a robust decision-making process can be backed-up by NetSuite SuiteAnalytics without additional costs.

Ricky Leung, NetSuite Certified Practice Manager shared the use case of how a Sales Director of a Casino analysed and reviewed the sales performance in this Webinar.

3 reasons to switch to data-driven decision-making approach at no additional costs with NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Business Intelligence**:

  1. Transformational data-driven decision has enabled a number of businesses switching to profitable streams from their loss in response to the new normal and move ahead of their
    competitors in recent months.
  2. Accurate visbility of cashflow, operational capacity and market forecast are all readily available for business executives with one button the right data tools and platforms with few clicks.
  3. Measurable business performance with the transparency of operational data help predictive analysis on resource allocation to fill the revenue gap. The agility has enabled them to smoothly transit their business and unlock an unprecedented growth.

Who should view this webinar? Managers or executives who want to learn how to use reports, saved searches and KPIs more effectively.
Finance and accounting users who need to create and customize financial reports.

Just drag and drop, in a few clicks on NetSuite SuiteAnalytics BI you will:

  • get actionable insights
  • create your own dimension of data tables, pivots and charts to view your business in anyway you need, anytime, anywhere
  • locate your data all from one platform
  • drill down to line level of data for investigation
  • get instantly refreshed live data. No need to your team for days
  • create, and export workbooks like in Microsoft Excel

If you would like to make the most out of SuiteAnalytics BI for your business, you may speak to our consultants. Please leave us a note here.

*Source: This research finding is adopted from the leaflet “HOW TO STAY GUTSY ABOUT DATA-LED DECISION MAKING” by Oracle NetSuite.

** NetSuite SuiteAnalytics comes with NetSuite CloudERP solutions, at no additional cost on the usage for subscribers.