OnePac’s first RPA robot ADAM, powered by UiPath

One Pac RPA Adam - lightweight automation by UiPath

Can a new on-board member perform a daily and essential operational task at 445% increase in productivity and 82% increase in speed per transaction?

The answer is Yes RPA. The Answer is here, Adam!

The OnePac team has created Adamour first UiPath robot to automate our business processes and we have seen dramatic increase in Productivity and Speed.

Most importantly, our team member is now able to focus exclusively on high-value analysis work rather than data entry. 

We believe in RPA and we proved its excellent ROI! 

We confess that as a professional services company, we have some room to optimize our business process like our clients too. But today we thank you Adam, created with UiPath who scored the highest and furthest overall position for its ability to execute and completeness of vision in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software, for showcasing quantitative business values of realigning our valuable human resources on areas that have generated tremendous external and internal customer satisfaction.

With just lightweight RPA implementation, organisations of any sizes can start from any small tasks to taste RPA‘s positive impact on ROI like us. From companies that we have consulted on RPA, from local SMBs to large enterprises, there is always an employee or even a team spending 80% of time on 20% of operational task due to

  1. multiple sources and formats of data input
  2. dis-integrated systems
  3. extensive use of spreadsheets by individual
  4. business process misalignment

No matter which department you are from, you can take a thorough evaluation on our “Best 10 finance accounting processes robotized for dramatic results” blogpost.  You may be embarking on lightweight automation for your high volume and repetitive backend processes

From our experience, below are the top 5 departments that can see immediate and significant results from process automation:

  1. Finance and accounting
  2. Administration
  3. IT
  4. Procurement
  5. Customer Service

If you would like to have a holistic view on how to start automation in your business and  build your own roadmap to integrate automation into your workforce, you might check out “Top 10 best practices for leading an automation-led enterprise

Uipath RPA - automation led strategy
Uipath RPA – automation led strategy

UiPath: We make robots so people don’t have to be  robots.

So are you keen to find out how to get your company’s Adam on-board?

Simply drop us a note and talk to our UiPath RPA experts.