NetSuite 2020 Release 2 Sneak Peek for Supply Chain & Warehouse

NetSuite 2020 Release 2, is the second major platform upgrade of the year, delivers to more than 20,000 customers around the world. For existing NetSuite clients, you will find the values across your different functions. Check it out for financial and operational excellence.

Autonomous Supply Chain

  • NetSuite’s new material requirements planning (MRP) capabilities for supply planning (available to customers who are using NetSuite Demand Planning) has been completely re-architected, featuring a dedicated planning repository that ensures planners can make decisions based on timely and consistent information. Planners can easily monitor, firm up or release orders for approval and aggregation; review and accept action/exception messages individually or in bulk, and pegging information provides planners full visibility into how demand is allocated to supply.

    The planning workbench slices and dices data by product line, plan, location, user-defined item categories and groups. It highlights situations that require attention, helping to prevent both shortages and excess supplies, and provides what-if analysis capabilities for simulating multiple plans.
  • Capabilities of Intelligent Predicted Risks are extended to include sales orders, providing users with greater insight into potential risks on goods not shipping on time. Purchase orders can be identified as being at risk and recommend alternate vendors based on new machine learning algorithms. 
  • Additional precision can be provided to supply allocation by allowing inbound shipments to be included into the allocation of supplies, in context with related purchase orders. Additionally, fill rate optimization allocates existing supply to satisfy as many sales order lines as possible based on the given supply.
  • NetSuite WMS now has the ability to receive, transfer and pick goods inside a location without bins, making it ideal for retailers. Retailers can now operationalize and optimize in-store fulfillment and store-to-consumer delivery processes. Retail stores and small warehouses benefit from the efficiency of hand-held picking without the overhead of managing bins.

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Learn More About NetSuite 2020 Release 2

These are just the highlights, there are simply too many enhancements in this SuiteCloud release to cover in a single blog post. For more specifics on the complete list of new features, be sure to read the Release Notes.

Finally, be sure to request access to your Release Preview test account. There, you can preview and test how the new features will work with your own data, workflows and customizations.