Webinar Playback: Strategizing Sourcing in the new future series

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Illustrated with success stories of your peers in Sourcing, Wholesale Distribution or Manufacturing industries, this NetSuite Webinar Series discuss top 4 areas that bring immediate results on new business, business process efficiencycost planning, and supplier relationships.  

Session1: Manufacturing in Sourcing.

Customer demands often required multiple suppliers to get the optimum quality and cost. Outsourced Manufacturing is a technique to implement and manage this process so that the operations are streamlined and costing is always up to date. In this session, you will learn:
1. Cost savings from transformed outsourced manufacturing management
2. Seamless visibility on work orders and costs from vendors
3. Improved accounting & reporting for outsourced production

Session 2: Agile Demand Planning & Forecasting.

Regardless of size, cash flow and inventory level are the primary health indicators of a sourcing company. The ability to predict required inventory based on historical demand or sales forecasts is critical to success. Real-time inventory visibility and market-driven production forecasting drive high-performing sourcing and procurement. In this session, you will learn:
1. Business values of order-driven demand planning
2. Achievable real-time inventory visibility & the true cost of goods
3. Strategic forecasting with easy & customizable intelligence tools

Session 3: eCommerce for Sourcing: Integration with Amazon, Taobao, Rakuten & more.

Global and regional eCommerce marketplaces promise new revenue streams but to deliver the perfect order requires a delicate balance of inventory visibility, routing logic, and strategies. Manual processes and multiple systems make it hard to reach customers and deliver a great experience. In this session, you will learn:
1. Enhanced customer experience through streamlined presentation and order management
2. eCommerce integration with Amazon, Taobao & Rakuten for increased reach
3. Single platform for seamless lead-to-cash process and inventory management

Upcoming: Jan 20 Vendor Management, Production Control and Payment. Register

Managing vendors efficiently is a critical step to increasing speed, controlling costs, and delivering quality products to your customer. To speed up the process, light automation from contract initiation to award and renewal will show you quick results, on efficiency and compliance. In this session you will learn:
1. Business values of automated vendor management
2. Effective vendor management from contract initiation to award and renewal
3. Efficient procure-to-pay and work order revision by automation