What CFOs are planning for the next 12 months?

State of CFO Role Survey by NetSuite

CFOs were quick to cut since first quarter of 2020 to conserve cash. Now, many report that they are ready to get back to spending as usual–much more quickly than other leaders in their businesses. Why?

At ONE Pacific, we found possible answers from your peers in this “State of CFO Role” Survey recently conducted by NetSuite. You will find out which areas CFOs, as owners of the Business Model, prioritise in spending and cutting.

No matter if you perceive the business on the upswing side of the recession curve or suffering at the bottom, the technological trends in business automation and use in opening opportunities such as new sales channels will keep the business pace increasing in the long run. 

The impact of COVID in transforming some critical functions into remote operations is also strongly managed by CFOs to keep the bottom line growing.

The role of CFO has been evolved with the new normal and how swift you act on the same page of your key stakeholders may lead the company to be the next champion of the market. Time to review those areas that shape your strategy for the closer future.

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