4 Tips for Wholesalers and Distributors to Start B2B eCommerce in 2021

ONE Pac Insights: 4 tips for wholesalers and distributors to start B2B eCommerce in 2021

Companies need to create sites that engage business customers, maximize their buying efforts and save them time. We understand that launching an ecommerce program requires an investment in human and financial resources, but the return promises to more than recoup that outlay for the transformed B2B buying behaviour.

These 4 pieces of advice have summarised the respondents of wholesale & distribution and retailing’ experience in their eCommerce development journey in the Brainyard Survey.

At ONE Pacific, we are also here to help you define, implement and optimize your 2021 B2B ecommerce strategy for an effective new revenue channel based on your situation such as:

We launched website years ago.

If this is a website for product information listing, it may not interlock with latest buyers’ online purchasing journey to create orders. Is it not too late to move beyond a channel of listing to innovative buying experience to support your customers’ expectations to speed up the sales cycle and build customer loyalty? We need optimization.

“ Our eCommerce website order never fulfilled correctly automatically.”

Big stress in inventory gaps with online and offline channel is common if scattered systems and manual processes are involved in B2B commerce. How can we scale up the transaction volume with the online revenue channel? Arrange a 1:1 consultation.

“ I need to know the profits!”

Talk to ur consultants

For management, are you able to tell which product makes the most profits every day and automatically source more?  Did you know that accessing to real-time, crystal clear line level of transactional details is possible? And you do not need to pay extra to get revenue analysis from the online revenue channel. You have ways to better control your inventory and related costs with suppliers and manage your cash flow.

“ We do not have manpower and expertise to manage eCommerce and customer data?”

ONE Pac has a solution for you.
  • We want to minimize human errors in orders and operations
  • We need to process huge volume of customer and transaction data 7daysx24hours.

Source of Brainyard Survey Results: https://www.netsuite.com/portal/business-benchmark-brainyard/industries/articles/wholesale-distribution/direct-to-consumer-ecommerce.shtml