MIT Sloan Management Review: New Elements in Digital Transformation Framework for 2021

New Elements of Digital Transformation. ONE Pacific the award-winning NetSuite Solution Partner

How can your organization become a Digital Master?

MIT Sloan School has just revisited their landmark research of competitive advantages offered by digital technology during the pandemic in Nov 2020. Based on interviews with 1300 executives from 750 global organizations, the team has added the new technologies that corporates embrace such as operation digitization and machine learning. For those sustaining with resilience, they excel in digital mastery, the ability to use innovative technologies to improve elements of the business, and leadership capability, which enables them to envision and drive organizational change in systematic and profitable ways.

The new digital transformations framework includes 3 main domains: customer experience, operations and employee experience.

Source: “The New Elements of Digital Transformation” on MIT Sloan Management Review released on 19 Nov 2020.

At One Pacific, we have enabled our clients’ digital mastery, migrating from disconnected technology to a more systematic approach on strategy and unified execution to overcome the recent challenges with ease together with Oracle NetSuite, Workato and UiPath.  Three key areas our clients differentiate themselves by one single source of truth, which sit at the core of the refined digital capability framework:

Core Process Automation

Core process automation is achievable by digitizing your business process on a common core platform that your team can operate anywhere. Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP System provides a foundation to build upon and a clean source of data to generate real-time insights for all functions of the business. If you are to incorporate machine learning or robotics to digitally scale up your business and liberate your staff, UiPath’s automation cloud digitize your work process.  

Connected and Dynamic Operations

Connecting systems and processes of different departments for a single source of truth to manage, optimize, and analyse is possible without coding. By reducing context-switching between applications and systems with Workato’s readily available automation recipes, business professionals especially the financial teams can unlock the true value and potential of your valuable knowledge workers. By removing repetitive manual processes and tasks, operational efficiency and accuracy and compliance can also be achieved.

Data-driven Decision-making

In recent years, the basis for operational decisions has increasingly shifted from historical reports to real-time data. Built-in analytic tool seamlessly provides multi-dimensional insights with accuracy and down to operational level such as SuiteAnalytics from NetSuite. For multiple financial and operational platforms, connection by low-code/ no-code automation for plentiful data integration facilitates a company-wide data-driven decision-making practice.  With an automation strategy, you can focus on what is important: taking care of team members, aligning team goals with the company goals, bringing visibility to data, and turning that data into actionable insights. 

Digital masters are taking advantage of this by integrating operational and strategic decision-making in new and powerful ways. And these initiatives do not need a huge investment to kickstart for rapid results.

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