Rapid Results 2/7: The NetSuite CX for Ecommerce

End-to-end Ecommerce Solution

Time to take action on your eCommerce inefficiencies revealed after the festive buying season. As the eCommerce landscape continues to change, many companies are realizing that their systems running the business have become outdated and can no longer effectively support their surge of festive orders or customer expectations for consistent and relevant experiences across touchpoints. This has resulted in disconnected customer experience and lower service level for your customer base. If you are one of these eCommerce players, you are going to find out how to improve end-to-end customer experience from backend with NetSuite.

See this story from Kitchenware Direct grew 1,000 Percent With 10 B2C, B2B and Retail Sites in the four years to an annual turnover of more than $20 million:

“NetSuite’s robust functionality enabled a rapid, cost-effective rollout of integrated operations and ecommerce for 10 separately branded sites, all managed from a single instance of the software. A site optimized for mobile devices is integrated with the NetSuite system and has helped increase smartphone conversions fivefold.”

To deliver seamless and omnichannel experiences like Kitchenware Direct, front-end and back-end systems need to be on a single, unified commerce platform. This unified platform will create a central repository for order, customer and inventory data from all channels. This data can then be supplied to front-end customer facing systems, such as ecommerce, POS and call centers, ensuring accurate and relevant information across all customer touchpoints. This will result in improved business efficiencies and customer experience. Read the 7 tips that help you win over eCommerce buyers.

If you consider revamping the complete customer experience, you may start with fundamental service infrastructure, which is a unified commerce platform :

Design flexibility and tools for online shopping experience management

No matter you are from a brand, wholesaler, or manufacturer , you need to have unlimited control over your user experience and design of the online shopping process. This allows you to differentiate yourself while driving a great experience for your customers. Business users should be enabled through tools to update and maintain rather than being beholden to technical staff.

Leverage a pre-built, starting-point store

Why reinvent the wheel? Take advantage of as much prebuilt leading practices and customize from there. Reduce your time to market and costs in turn as well.

How Wobbleworks 3Doodler, the creative home-use and professional 3D pen’s eCommerce business scaled up in eCommerce for global success with NetSuite.

“ONE Pac has done a fantastic job in helping us to take the business optimization to a strategic level. With single source of truth on a unified platform, data-driven planning and decision-making can be done efficiently across our offices on different continents.” Read the whole story.

Jim Toernqvist – Senior Manager WobbleWorks, 3Doodler

Must be mobile 

Mobile is now pretty much part of every shopping journey. Research shows more than 50 percent of B2B buyers are using their mobile devices to learn about products. Providing a responsive experience to accommodate your customers’ devices is key to a great customer experience and improving your search engine results.

Create a rich, interactive and personalized shopping experience

Dynamic merchandising, faceted search and guided navigation all help you drive sales whether you’re selling to consumers or businesses. Personalizing and localizing the experience to your customers based on their data from your back-end systems of customer, inventory and order information, will make your engagements more relevant with them, driving customer delight and retention.

“We recognize that in addition to great commerce interactions, it’s critical to empower your employees to help create great customer experiences,”

Allison Auclair, NetSuite Vice President of product management, Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite 2021.1 release: extending CX to business high-volume-high-frequency buyers

The first NetSuite CX-focused offering, SuiteCommerce MyAccount for B2B organizations that aren’t ready for the full ecommerce capabilities of SuiteCommerce.

In NetSuite’s latest 2021.1 release, SuiteCommerce MyAccount’s self-service customer web portal solution introduced reodering of items and make the online shopping experience more personalised based on unique web store behaviour or appearance – based on the shoppers’s profile.

SuiteCommerce MyAccount helps business buyers save time by taking care of routine tasks online, such as viewing order status, paying invoices, requesting returns or submitting support cases. Companies can easily expand to use the full SuiteCommerce experience whenever they’re ready.

Provide self-service account management

Online account management allows you to off-load resources and time from your call center or service department and even sale reps. Most customers today expect to be able to view their orders, cancel an order, check the status of their order or get help any time they need it. For B2B buyers, besides the account management capabilities, additional online capabilities are important such as viewing and paying invoices, creating saved lists for frequenty purchased items and generating quotes.

In addition to refining omni-channel commerce capabilities, NetSuite is also enhancing its CRM functionality. Because many sales, marketing and customer service teams are working remotely and interacting with customers virtually, leveraging a unified customer view is more important now than ever.

NetSuite 2021.1 release: Multiple Language Pages and Content

With the new release of NetSuite, you can manage pages and content in different languages within a single interface by simply choosing from configured website languages. You can also manage page SEO data to support translations in search engines. No additional purchase of website per language is needed.

Find out the full release sneak peek or apply for a test account.


SuiteAnalytics facilitates insights generation from every customer data point

NetSuite CRM already stores many customer data points – everything from purchase history to credit status, and profitability to pricing – but the customer profile will be further enhanced by capturing key website interactions and turning them into actionable insights that businesses can use to improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue. All of this rich website behavioral data will be accessible in saved searches, SuiteAnalytics workbooks, workflows and scripting to enable companies to create new business processes like triggering a new lead or personalizing a promotion around specific customer actions.

On-boarding NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce on the Cloud ERP In 100 Days.

NetSuite’s Suite Commerce users enjoys constant major updates as part of their subscription for free. This enables eCommerce companies to keep pace with the changing eCommerce market and customer experience requirements without additional investments.

At ONE Pacific, we will accompany you to assess your end-to-end eCommerce operation and customer journey. See our Rapid Result Approach:

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