NetSuite 2021.1 Update for Manufacturing

In this 8-minute video, our Chief Solution Architect, Herman Yong at ONE Pacific will show you all of the latest functionalities of the Oracle NetSuite 2021.1 release for manufacturing users, or those who are planning to use NetSuite to automate and optimize your manufacturing business with NetSuite.

As an award-winning NetSuite solution provider, we are the leading manufacturing expert of NetSuite in Asia, partnering with the world’s renowned brands to ensure their global operational efficiency and resilience.

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NetSuite 2021.1 release summary for manufacturing:

  • New functionality automates supply planning by allowing the planner to designate criteria to repeat the planning process at a specific interval. The planner can also schedule a refresh of the planning repository and launch supply plans in off-hours to ensure the resource intensive jobs occur then.  Planning repository data and the planning results data is now provided via Saved Search so the supply planner can perform ad-hoc analysis and share planning results. This lends a better view into the master production schedule of items that they must produce.
  • new date-based view in the Planning Workbench allows the planner to sort item and location based on time. Planners can set threshold levels for late demand for the item and location by date, which trigger color-coded alerts directly in the Planning Workbench.
  • The supply chain snapshot now displays allocated quantities, blanket PO schedules and inbound shipment information to create better simulations of future demand and supply.
  • The NetSuite Pack Station is a new touchscreen packing solution that can be used to consolidate shipments, pack multiple cartons simultaneously, manage multi-level packing and scan weights from scales. This provides an extra layer of verification before orders are shipped, potentially preventing customer dissatisfaction and avoiding the cost of having to reship an incorrectly packed order. 
  • Warehouse management system (WMS) enhancements in NetSuite 2021 Release 1 include wave automation (for taking advantage of off-peak wave processing),tally scans (which improve picking by making bar code scans quicker and more reliable), cart put-away, bulk picking, added support of mobile status changes and automatic label printing.
  • Channel allocation and reservation functionality enables order allocation by channel and lets you enter inventory reservation in advance of the sales order.  This leads to better tracking of sales and operations activities. The new order management dashboard and enhanced sales reports provide improved insight into channel sales operations, and improved allocation and fulfillment translates to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Finally, with the new supply allocation against blanket PO feature, location assignments are now based on earliest availability and required-by date. This means orders can be promised more accurately by using the best location recommendation to match those timeframes.
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