Automation Excellence in eCommerce: Fireside Chat with Workato and WobbleWorks Inc.

NetSuite eCommerce Case Study

You may have seen this global leader in 3D Pen, 3Doodler from the Wobble Works, as the most popular wishlist item on online shopping portals over the pandemic. Having their end-to-end eCommerce operation optimized with Workato and NetSuite with various eCommerce platforms and their business operations and finance, Wobble Works has surfed the biggest wave of online demand for business efficiency, continuity and excellent customer experience without disturbances. Hear their secret sauce of hyper growth from this Fireside Chat with Wobble Works for their automation excellence in eCommerce.

“NetSuite Cloud ERP system is like a turnkey type of tool. It helps unlock so much efficiency. One Pac gave us the perspective which we didn’t have before and did a fantastic job.”                              

Jim Toernqvist – Senior Manager, WobbleWorks | 3Doodler

Business Challenges

Success Customer Case: eCommerce, Sourcing

From a global award-winning Kickstarter projects in Massachusetts, to the best-selling 3D printing pens 3Doodler, WobbleWorks’ strive to delivering the best customer experience through its fast growing ecommerce and retailing network. The soaring demand of its established product portfolio could hardly be handled by Google sheets for order fulfillment, production planning, financial reporting and cost control. ONE Pacific worked with WobbleWorks’ team to strategically plan for their exponential growth, data-driven decision-making and demand planning transformation. Having their end-to-end process automated with Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP system and together with Workato, they have integrated scattered data from online marketplaces and financial team into a single source of truth – the management team is capable of accessing to real-time business profitability, eCommerce and channel sales performance, cashflow with absolute accuracy.

“ONE Pac’s team really provided vision and perspective on how long it should take or what we should really think about the path forward for our eCommerce business.  It’s been a really good experience working with them”

Jim Toernqvist – Senior Manager, WobbleWorks | 3Doodler

Best Practices for eCommerce and operational process integration by NetSuite Cloud ERP & Workato.


“We slowly move away from Google Sheets because of repetitive work and inefficiency.”

Senior Manager – Finance

•Automatic data integration from various marketplaces by Workato to NetSuite ERP  cloud system has eliminated time and effort to reconcile a huge volume of transactions. Instant foreign exchange rates applying to orders from all over the world provide the most accurate turnover for sales and management.

•NetSuite’s reporting resources such as saved searches and other reporting setups are highly customizable that we can do it by ourselves for multi-dimensional financial data analysis.

Procurement and Planning

“Single source of truth enable data-driven planning and decision-making.”

Ka Yi Tam – Senior Manager – Procurement & Planning

•NetSuite provides real-time data visibility on the cloud platform, including financial reports, account receivables and sales orders, accessible by the management in the U.S. headquarter and colleagues from offices in all geographic locations.

•With the reporting scheduler, reports are being distributed regularly for management review and speeds up data-driven decision making process.

Senior Management

“ONE Pac has helped us to take our business optimization to a strategic level.”

Jim Toernqvist – Senior Manager, WobbleWorks | 3Doodler

•ONE Pac is willing to create business growth road maps which is a strong management tool for us.

•ONE Pac ensures data accuracy in every phase of project delivery which set a high standard in service.

•ONE Pacific is knowledgeable in NetSuite and recommended the latest demand planning features to us based on our strategic data-driven production forecast and production planning management.

At ONE Pacific, we will accompany you to assess your end-to-end eCommerce operation and customer journey. Plan your omnichannel strategy early with us and Workato.