Success Story eCommerce: D1 Milano

CaseStudy NetSuite, Workato, Shopify in eCommerce

Technology: NetSuite Cloud ERP, Finance, Operations, eCommerce
Industry: Wholesale & Distribution, eCommerce
Functional Area: Finance, Supply Chain, Operations

D1 Milano grew beyond USD6-million eCommerce startup business on NetSuite Cloud ERP

The disruptor of the Italian watch industry has proven its success by achieving their record revenue of USD6-million in 2019.
Led by executives with vision and practical strategy to scale up, D1 Milano has partnered with ONE Pacific in their early
growth stage for eCommerce automation on NetSuite Cloud ERP, Shopify and Workato.

One Pac team was very good to understand our business needs, and the core things that were needed in the project we did together. They are professional, human and very clear in the explanations and acted fast with the execution.

MATTIA LOLLI, Chief Operating Officer, D1 Milano
D1 Milano – eCommerce Automation CaseStudy of NetSuite, Workato, Shopify in eCommerce

Business Challenges

As a young Italian watch manufacturer founded in Milan in 2013, D1 Milano has experienced hypergrowth with its unique product design and quality, and most of all, eCommerce automation that has allowed them to sell and process orders automatically to support global distribution to more than 35 countries.  Headed by Mattia Lolli in operation, D1 Milano has won customer satisfaction of luxury product online shopping and soon extended to wholesale channels by automation in ordering, fulfillment, inventory status, pricing and integral order details availability.  To cater for double-digit annual growth, they soon realised their staff and operation processes cannot rely on disintegrated manual processes and spreadsheets to serve such round-the-clock market demand. They invited ONE Pacific to study their business model together and deconstruct all high-level and complex task for automation.

We had a plan to grow in terms of size and turnover, so we were looking for an ERP system that was modular, scalable , and easy to use. Overall we are very happy with NetSuite.

MATTIA LOLLI, Chief Operating Officer, D1 Milano
D1 Milano – eCommerce Automation CaseStudy of NetSuite, Workato, Shopify in eCommerce

Unleash the power of eCommerce automation by ONE Pacific, the automation expert on NetSuite Cloud ERP, Shopify and Workato.

Real-time. Unified. Single Source of truth.

“ NetSuite’s flexibility allows us to easily retrieve real-time business data. We can analyse main KPIs for our business. Beside this is a system that is flexible and simple to easily get our staff trained up to use. ”

Customizations means Simplification.

“ ONE Pacific built a custom wholesale portal powered by Workato, allowing distributors to enter order details on their own without involving our staff. The wholesale ordering process is now streamlined, releasing our internal teams to focus on more complex orders. “

Manage by numbers, anytime, anywhere.

“ We constantly monitor KPIs , so basic things like sales, inventory, sales orders and financials can be easily monitored to make data-driven decisions such as real-time forecasting. NetSuite enables us to manage our business across 35 countries with multi-currency and multi-entity capabilities. “

Customer satisfaction from simplicity and accuracy.

“ Before using NetSuite and Workato, we handled everything on spreadsheets. The adoption of NetSuite Cloud ERP was a giant leap for us. We have adopted a streamlined standardised process within the system. ONE Pacific has supported us to develop the framework, data structure and integrity to scale up our company. ”

D1 Milano – eCommerce Automation CaseStudy of NetSuite, Workato, Shopify in eCommerce

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