NetSuite Customer Story: Right Way Medical

NetSuite Case Study for Wholesale and Distribution in Medical

Wholesaler Right Way Medical Invests in Its Future With ERP

Right Way Medical is a medical device distributor that sells specialty IVs, durable medical equipment like walkers and wheelchairs, and other high-quality health care products to medical providers. The company’s customer-first approach, with creative financing options, sets it apart from the competition. In 2020, Right Way Medical implemented NetSuite to connect finances, CRM and a B2B portal across multiple business units.

NetSuite is an investment in our future.

Josh Prati, CEO, Right Way Medical

Business, Simplified

Experience Leads the Way

With deep product knowledge, extensive industry expertise and strong customer relationships, Right Way CEO Josh Prati took the company from a self-funded startup to one of the fastest-growing companies in Ohio. His consultative and thoughtful approach to sales drove year-over-year expansion in offices across Ohio, Texas and Illinois.

System Mix Becomes Unsustainable

Prior to NetSuite, Right Way Medical managed operations on various, disparate software platforms including QuickBooks, Excel, Agile CRM, a proprietary fixed-asset tool called Right Track and a customer interface. As complexity increased, working with so many different applications became unsustainable.

Refocusing with ERP

The company traded a handful of software platforms for one holistic ERP system in NetSuite. For Right Way Medical, critical features include automated dunning for accounts payable, customised amortisation schedules for fixed assets and a new portal that gives internal teams and clients access to sales orders, POs and invoices.

A Simpler Future

Right Way Medical went from operating on five separate systems to just two: NetSuite and Right Track. Prati said that NetSuite does the work of two or three full-time employees and cuts days off the company’s billing process. The new system also has the ability to expand with other features, like payroll and supply chain management, as Right Way Medical continues to sustainably grow.

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