The New CFO Dashboard: KPIs To Track Now

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The New CFO Dashboard: KPIs To Track Now

In short:

  • The pandemic has changed the way financial leaders view and report on key performance indicators that reflect operations.
  • While specific KPI data points vary by industry, as we’ll see, the common thread is cash flow preservation.
  • CFOs are taking a lead role in sharing daily financial and business updates with the rest of the management team.

CFOs were hungry for deeper insights even before COVID-19 sent a collective shudder through the world’s economies. In fact, “using data more effectively” was the No. 1 priority for finance respondents to an Executive Survey by Brainyard of NetSuite, with “producing better reporting on KPIs” also landing in the Top 3.

Line-of-business executives in the poll were also keen on more-effective use of data but about 30% less likely than their finance counterparts to care about better KPI reporting.

Our hunch? The minute COVID-19 upended business as usual, the days of business leaders having no idea of their companies’ DSO or liquidity status were over. And the first place they turned was the finance department.

New dashboard of great flexibility, real-time

CFOs’ new dashboards are now at your fingertips with NetSuite SuiteAnalytics’ flexibility and real-time data availability for all new business analysis and actionable insights for your ad-hoc reporting needs. No coding nor spreadsheet with SuiteAnalytics Financial Reporter Writer.

10 Top New KPIs for Finance of different industries

The new dashboard for different industry has shifted to a view that directly impact companies’ cashflow and liquidity.

10 Top New KPIs for Finance in Wholesale and Distribution

10 Top New KPIs for Finance in Manufacturing

10 Top New KPIs for Finance in Retail/eCommerce

10 Top New KPIs for Finance in Tech/Professional Services

SuiteAnalytics brings New KPIs at your fingertips

SuiteAnalytics comes with NetSuite Cloud ERP at no additional cost, provides multiple ways to visualize KPIs with the ability to drill down, providing an easy and intuitive way for the users to interact with their data. Users can create custom tabs for additional KPI information without any coding or skills in spreadsheets. Speak to consultants to find out how you can tailor your own KPI dashboard or download the full feature list,