Oracle NetSuite Webinar: Tackling Inflation with Automation

NetSuite Webinar

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Webinar: Expert-backed Strategies to Tackle Inflation for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and eCommerce Businesses

Accelerated inflation tops the agenda for leaders of manufacturing, wholesaling and eCommerce businesses. It is also a time to capitalize opportunities for survival or expansion for businesses who are automated to respond to the scarce materials supply and shift in market demand backed by data-driven decisions.

In Harvard Business Review’s latest article ‘6 Strategies to Help Your Company Weather Inflation”, automation was named to help to grow top-line revenue and reduce their dependence on volatile labor markets while improving employee retention. 

In parallel to managing the supply-chain-driven hikes in the post-pandemic world, automating your end-to-end processes and having a single data source help your various teams, from frontline to backend, to collaborate in multiple locations, and achieve cost efficiency hence take an early step to overcome inflation and be first mover to new emerging markets.

Come join us in the webinar to listen to expert-backed tips to help your business assess your volatility and capitalize the opportunities in the long-term inflation era that we have just entered.

  • High-resolution visibility for cost control (real-time financial report, KPI) 
  • Business process automation improves the resilience of sales, supply chain and procurement operation
  • Scenario-based budgeting in times of inflation
  • Maximize global cross-border cost advantage: Airwallex

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