The Future of Accounting is Here

While NetSuite delivers many financial management capabilities required for growing businesses and moves your business beyond traditional accounting practices, it is not specifically built to automate the financial close. That is why fast growing companies like Zendesk, chose BlackLine to help support its growth by streamlining and automating its financial processes.

With our tight integration with NetSuite, BlackLine is the leading and preferred financial close solution for NetSuite users. And, we have 3 reasons why fast-growing companies that runs on NetSuite close with BlackLine:

Visibility and Accountability Across Finance & Accounting
Build in Segregation of Duties and Strong Controls
Complete Close Automation Capabilities
Learn more about how your organization can benefit from running NetSuite and closing with BlackLine at our upcoming webinar on 13 September 2022 at 2pm HKT.

BlackLine’s solutions enable finance and accounting departments to improve their
performance, no matter where they are in their transformation and modernization journey. Get a fully understanding how how your finance and accounting processes can be transformed:

  • Close Process Management
  • Accounting Process Automation
  • Intercompany Hub
  • Smart Close

Read how Dun & Bradstreet achieved 251% ROI with BlackLine’s solutions here, too.