Frost & Sullivan Announced Global Cloud ERP Company of the Year Award to Oracle NetSuite 

Frost & Sullivan Announced Global Cloud ERP Company of the Year Award to Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite: Leading the Cloud ERP Revolution

Oracle NetSuite has been recognized as a trailblazer in the cloud ERP space, earning the prestigious “Company of the Year” 2024 award from Frost & Sullivan. This accolade is a testament to NetSuite’s commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering comprehensive business management solutions.

Innovative Practices, Unmatched Excellence Frost & Sullivan’s rigorous evaluation process highlighted NetSuite’s exceptional performance across multiple criteria. Oracle NetSuite stands out for its best practices and has set a benchmark in the industry.

The award criteria met by NetSuite according to the report:

  • Addressing Unmet Needs: NetSuite provides an all-in-one cloud ERP solution that enhances efficiency, productivity, and visibility for organizations, addressing their need for a comprehensive cloud ERP system.
  • Visionary Scenarios through Mega Trends: Leveraging Oracle’s AI infrastructure and technology, NetSuite embeds generative AI capabilities into its suite, offering a robust AI solution.

Opportunities for AI include automation (data entry, financial analysis, and inventory management), actionable insights (better decision making using real-time insights and predictions about customers and competitors), human-like interaction (integrating machine learning (ML) and natural language processing), and anomaly detection (enhanced security and detection of unexpected patterns). NetSuite currently has all these elements in its product suite. AI is embedded in NetSuite in both the platform and in the form of assistants and advisors.

Sankara Narayanan Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan.
  • Best Practices Implementation: NetSuite ensures all customers are on the same version of the software, facilitating seamless upgrades and consistent user experience.
  • Market Focus: The company serves a diverse range of industries worldwide, demonstrating its extensive market reach and adaptability to various customer needs.

Empowering businesses with AI:

Integration with Oracle’s advanced AI and super cluster technology.

In October 2023, NetSuite introduced new generative AI capabilities to enhance productivity. All NetSuite customers benefit from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which features a unique AI infrastructure, autonomous databases, and robust natural language processing services. Accurate and centralized data in NetSuite ensures effective AI model training, providing a comprehensive AI solution for database management and analytics. This integration underscores the importance of data quality in leveraging AI for business insights.

Read the full report:

A Suite Success NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP solutions empower businesses with real-time insights and the agility to adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics. The platform’s robust capabilities in financial management, CRM, and e-commerce integration make it an indispensable tool for modern businesses.

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