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Whether you’re an innovative technology startup, software startup, service startup or product-based startup, your ability to SCALE is critical for your long-term sustainability without negatively impacting your fast-paced expansion.  The ability to SCALE is based on various strategic elements stacking the foundation for innovative disruptions to grow beyond the bottlenecks. ONE Pacific curated this “Startup Scaling |Business Scaling Hub”  in order to provide you and your key business stakeholders with all aspects of management insights and practical guides you need to scale your already successful startup/ business to the next level of resilience, longevity and innovation. 

Capitalize economic boom for businesses/ startups to scale

Startups may move fast in response to the market demand during these turbulent times yet there are business areas hindering the transformation of new demand momentum to the sustainable revenue stream. Deep diving the “7 Strategies for Growth” and check which areas resonate most.

Top 20 KPIs forecasting your future

A KPI measures a company’s performance against its primary business objectives. Leading indicators predict what may happen in the future and offer businesses the opportunity to prepare accordingly. Lagging indicators reflect past results, measuring the aftermath of actions. You don’t need a fortune-teller to predict the successes of your Ready-to-Scale startup. Download these 20 KPI formulas now.

CASE STUDY: 3D Doodler (Wobble Works)

From a global award-winning kickstarter project in Massachusetts, to the best-selling 3D printing pens 3Doodler, WobbleWorks’ operation team in Hong Kong partnered with ONE Pacific to deliver the best customer experience and operational excellence with finance and process automation.

Have You Ever Run Any Financial Modelling?

Financial projections and the modeling techniques that shape them are in sharp focus because they help Ready-to-Scale Startup input assumptions, see the projected outcomes and choose the most favorable ones so they can take the best steps to move the Ready-to-Scale Startup forward.

Always-on investors’ pitch with real-time financial status

This is the question most startups could not answer on the spot when it comes to an ad hoc potential investor’s request – your operational profit and loss and a dynamic financial forecast. Before scaling, your operation must be optimized to enhance cost efficiency and profitability, providing easy access and visibility to data that ensures compliance with regulatory mandates and empowers insight-driven decision-making.

Value-chain assessment that every startup/ business should do regularly

ONE Pacific conducts first-class value-chain assessment with your management team by understanding your strategic direction, selected financial information, and data, uncovering the areas in businesses that could benefit from technology and articulate the value relative to the cost of ownership.

Explore these three aspects of the value-chain assessment:

• Strategic Context – Business strategy alignment with IT systems strategy for improved business performance.

• Imperatives for Change – Summarizing the primary needs behind the change and aligning the organization on “why we’re doing this”.

• Quantifiable Business Benefits – Articulating the benefits of IT project investments that are competing with other projects for funding, justification and approval.

Scale and accelerate your efficiency and profitability

Your business’s ERP strategy will depend on not only your industry, but your growth stage, business strategy and goals.

Are you looking to add new customers or drive additional value from existing ones? Launch a new line of services or products? Cut costs or drive inefficiencies out of a certain process? You can solve these specific business problems with the flexible modules with your growth stage.

Case Study: The award-winning manufacturer of state-of-the-art energy storage systems, AMPD Energy

The award-winning manufacturer of state-of-the-art energy storage systems, AMPD Energy, adopted NetSuite OneWorld to improve their overall business flow and to scale the startup business through international expansion.
One Pacific tailored solution for AMPD Energy and helped them to achieve significant savings on their accounting expenses, as well as to greatly improve their sales and operational efficiency to serve top-tier listed corporations.

Get more tips from startup investors and scaling stories of AMPD, the green power disruptor Unlocking Profitability of Startups/SMBs. Watch now.