By implementing NetSuite Cloud ERP with ONE Pacific, medical device distributor Pacific Medical Systems (PMS) achieved business benefits of boosted efficiency through automation, improved decision-making with accessible data, and enhanced customer service with new offerings and better traceability. This empowered PMS to experience significant growth and regional expansion.

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NetSuite Client Success Story: Diginex [Nasdaq: EQOS]

Diginex (NASDAQ: EQOS), our Nasdaq-listed client from the cryptocurrency, fintech solutions and asset management industry is featured in this ONE Pacific client success story.

CFO Mr. Paul Ewing and Financial Controller, Miss Jackie Jadrosich of #Diginex shared how the global finance function has been a core pillar of the hyper-growth journey of Diginex as a US-listed company today. They also unveiled how they have transformed their first-class financial operations, with ONE Pacific’s automation consultancy on the Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP system.

Learn insights in managing a global business from these financial executives and hear the key success factors in digital transformation and automation of their finance function as a hyper-growth fintech business with ONE Pacific.

NetSuite Client Case Study: WOBBLEWORKS

WobbleWorks, an award-winning tech start-up ( turned into a global eCommerce business with a vision to automate their business for the best customer experience, with Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP system and Workato's low code automation solution. Having gone through numerous pain points using Google Sheets to manage their fast-growing business, you will hear how their Sales, Finance and Procurement management team discovered the benefits of business optimization and automation with ONE Pacific, and get their roadmap setup for scaling up further.

NetSuite Client Case Study: D1 Milano

D1 Milano grew beyond USD6-million eCommerce startup business on NetSuite Cloud ERP

The disruptor of the Italian watch industry has proven its
success by achieving record revenue of USD6-million in 2019.
Led by executives with vision and practical strategy to scale up,
D1 Milano has partnered with ONE Pacific in their early
growth stage for eCommerce automation on NetSuite Cloud ERP, Shopify and Workato.

Technology: NetSuite Cloud ERP, Finance, Operations, eCommerce
Industry: Wholesale & Distribution, eCommerce
Functional Area: Finance, Supply Chain, Operations

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NetSuite Client Case Study: MARQUE MAKERS

Founded in 2016, fast growing global licensee of Adidas and prestigious brands manufacturer scaled up for its expansion with NetSuite's #1Cloud ERP. Benefiting from the single source of business data, Marque Makers managed its complex multi-company management on the unified cloud system. Real-time cashflow transparency and operational efficiency are achieved by the professional and efficient implementation of ONE Pacific.

Technology: NetSuite Cloud ERP, Finance Solutions
Industry: Technology, Manufacturing, Distribution
Functional Area: Finance, Supply Chain

Check out their project implementation experience with ONE Pacific's team

NetSuite Client Case Study: AMPD Energy

The award-winning manufacturer of state-of-the-art energy storage systems, AMPD Energy, adopted NetSuite OneWorld to improve their overall business flow and to accelerate their international expansion.

Our tailored solution for AMPD Energy helped them to achieve significant savings on their accounting expenses, as well as to greatly improve their sales and operational efficiency.

Technology: NetSuite Cloud ERP, Finance Solutions
Industry: Technology, Manufacturing, Distribution
Functional Area: Finance, Supply Chain

NetSuite Client Case Study: KidKraft

The global award-winning innovative toys and children’s furniture manufacturer, KidKraft, used NetSuite’s OneWorld to seamlessly optimise and unify the various units within their company.

One Pacific helped KidKraft to streamline their operations in finance, sales operation and inventory management, propelling the company to further increase their international expansion.

Technology: NetSuite OneWorld
Industry: Manufacturing, Toys, Distribution
Functional Area: Finance, Sales, Supply Chain

NetSuite Client Case Study: COSMOSUPPLYLAB

After struggling with their previous ERP setup, Cosmosupplylab turned to One Pacific for a tailored NetSuite OneWorld solution that incorporated multi-language and multi-currency capabilities.

Cosmosupplylab first implemented Oracle NetSuite in Hong Kong for their fixed assets and financials, and then expanded their system to further support demand planning and manufacturing in Mainland China.

Technology: NetSuite OneWorld
Industry: Technology, Manufacturing, Distribution
Functional Area: Manufacturing, Finance, Supply Chain

NetSuite Client Case Study: Sucafina (MTC)

Acquired by Sucafina, MTC Coffee, an industry-leader in wholesale distribution of coffee beans, based in Asia Pacific, had their business flow greatly improved by One Pacific’s customized ERP solution for their operations.

Through NetSuite’s real-time inventory management and financial reporting functions, MTC saved a large amount of time when managing their business operations. Furthermore, One Pacific’s ERP solution for MTC Coffee fully replaced their previous setup of five different functional cloud-based software solutions, bringing an tremendous improvement in their business workflow and the management of their international operations.

Technology: NetSuite OneWorld
Industry: Beverage, Wholesale & Distribution
Functional Area: Finance, Sales, Procurement, Supply Chain