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Enterprise Resource Planning

The #1 Cloud ERP

As an award-winning Oracle NetSuite ERP Solution Partner, ONE Pacific has a rich experience assisting companies of all sizes to scale up as they grow their business. Through customising unique enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that responds to the requirements of each company’s distinctive business processes, we equip them with the ability improve their business performance and optimise their mission-critical processes.

Oracle NetSuite is built to respond to all the common technology pain points of today’s financial services, retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, wholesale & distribution and professional services industries including startups, as well as to address the distinct needs from finance, inventory, procurement, eCommerce and supply chain, whilst at the same time, providing an advanced framework for tailored customisation.

We can help you to set up an ERP solution unique to your business needs, which not only provides you with the intelligence that you need to better seize your market opportunities but also the data insight necessary for you to plan out your distinctive business strategies. Tell us about your business needs, and we’ll tell you about which tools we can setup for you to accelerate the growth of your business.

Business Automation & Integration

Workato – a single platform to automate work across your organisation.

Automate your workflows from your team, your departure and to the whole company to bring in digital transformation strategically under your control.

Automate your workflows with Workato is handy with recipes readily set for a wide range of processes within your organisation, including your finance, sales operations, human resources management, forecasting, customer journeys, incident management, etc. Workato works seemingly with tools such as Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, Slack, Workday, Okta, and more. The flexibility of Workato allows you to streamline different applications, whether they are cloud-based or on-premise.  

For finance teams, why waste precious time by having your employees input large quantities of data manually, when we can help you to automate these workflows? Save time to improve your business instead of spending time and money on manual labour.

For IT departments, it is time to intelligently manage your user requests with automated process to allocate your resources efficiently.

Robotic Process Automation

Rapid acceleration in productivity for high volume and repetitive business processes

Enterprises are increasingly adopting software robots to automate their high-volume and repetitive processes, to tap into new potentials that allows their businesses to reach new levels of efficiency and growth.

Getting started with UiPath is easy. Without intruding with your existing systems, our consultants will walk with you all the way from the optimisation of the business process the creation of a proof of concept and pilot run, to ramping up and institutionalising RPA on a departmental or company wide scale within your organisation.

Check out real benefits of RPA by meeting ONE Pac’s ADAM, our first robot powered by UiPath.

Intelligent Process Automation

The Next-gen RPA and automation that goes beyond repetitive tasks and desktop automation

From data input to insights, Antworks offers a total automation solution equipped with advanced reading capabilities of both unstructured and structured data, which is powered by fractal science and cognitive processing abilities.

Antworks can use rule-based data processing to contextualise any kind of data, and utilise workflow patterns to conduct operational reporting and data analysis. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more how Antworks can be implemented within your organisation.

Start the intelligent automation from small project before you plan your long term automation roadmap.