Food and Beverage Automation

Scale Your Food, Beverages, and Hospitality Business with Automation

In the dynamic realm of the food industry, technological prowess and streamlined processes play a pivotal role in maintaining a competitive edge. The One Pacific Automation Solution tailored for Food, Beverages, and Hospitality, powered by Oracle NetSuite, stands as a groundbreaking revolution in food business management. Our comprehensive solutions encompass three core domains:

  • WhatsApp Commerce for retailers, etailers for wholesalers and distributors
  • Business & Finance Management Financials including payment automation
  • Food MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and central kitchen management.

Introducing a Market-first Innovation: WhatsApp Commerce and NetSuite Integration

Experience the future of sales and customer engagement for online revenue acceleration with the market leader in WhatsApp Commerce solution – eShop sales assistant powered by ChatGPT. As a pioneering tech provider, our WhatsApp Commerce solution partner Sanuker offers an exclusive omnichannel-WhatsApp inbox solution for unlimited agents, enabling seamless customer interactions across platforms. Tailored marketing and customer service solutions are extended to WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, providing a comprehensive approach to meeting your audience where they are. Additionally, this holistic marketing solution features Facebook’s Click-to-WhatsApp ads that boosts engagement and performance, all seamlessly tracked.

But that’s not all – our innovation goes beyond customer engagement. Streamline your order-to-fulfillment-to-payment-reconciliation process with Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP integration. Imagine processing bulk orders from WhatsApp eStore and managing bank account feeds all in the NetSuite cloud environment. This integrated approach eliminates repetitive steps, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey from order creation to accounting, all at once with accuracy. Cash excellence is achieved with instant order-to-cash reconciliation.

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Elevating Food and Beverage Distributors to Success

For both delicate and high-volume food and beverage distributors, an all-encompassing perspective of customers, orders, items, and inventory is indispensable. Leveraging Oracle NetSuite, utilized by a vast clientele of over 36,000 across 217 countries and territories, our One Pacific Automation Solution caters to this essential need. Oracle NetSuite’s real-time platform unifies all channels, enhancing gross margins and customer experience through seamless integration of e-commerce and omnichannel capabilities. Eradicating constraints of outdated systems, our solution empowers distributors to rectify supply chain inefficiencies and obtain invaluable insights.

The Oracle NetSuite-powered ecosystem encompasses financials, accounting, inventory and order management, CRM, marketing, and e-commerce. This unified omnichannel commerce platform equips food manufacturers and distributors to deliver an impeccable B2B and B2C customer journey. Real-time updates facilitate precise insights for well-informed decision-making. The One Pacific Automation Solution introduces readily deployable roles, reports, and dashboards, ensuring swift implementation and rapid ROI.

Optimized Processes for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Addressing the unique requirements of food and beverage manufacturers, the One Pacific Automation Solution presents an integrated, configurable solution through Smart Factory. From conception to customer delivery, this solution optimizes processes, streamlines sales cycles, and automates essential functions including forecasting, planning, manufacturing, and assortments. Inbuilt compliance features ensure adherence to regulations while aligning with customer expectations.

Enhancing Performance through Sustainable Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Prioritizing sustainability, the One Pacific Automation Solution enhances operational and financial performance for food and beverage enterprises. Key attributes encompass heightened shop floor control, streamlined production control, quality initiatives, order management for market capture, transparent supply chain management, and production data management for recipe consistency. Efficient planning, inventory and warehouse management, along with enhanced traceability, contribute to cost reduction and elevated profitability.

Driving Efficiency with Smart Central Kitchen

For central kitchens, our partnership with Fern extends tailored features to address unique requisites. This support spans auto-costing, auto-inventory deduction, labeling compliance, and comprehensive ingredient and nutritional information for consumers. A tight rein over recipes guarantees product quality and consistency, alongside enabling full traceability. The incorporation of dual units of measure enhances costing accuracy and simplifies material and production management. Strong inventory traceability minimizes risks, while efficient shelf-life control reduces wastage and optimizes stock levels, yielding improved margins.

In Conclusion

The One Pacific Automation Solution, powered by Oracle NetSuite, is reshaping the food industry landscape. Concentrating on food business management, food MES, and smart central kitchen solutions, it empowers distributors, manufacturers, and central kitchens to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and achieve sustainable growth. Book a complimentary 60-minute consultation with our consultant exclusively for Food Expo PRO visitors, and embark on a transformative journey.

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