Property Management Automation

ONE Pacific Property Management Automation 
Property Management | Real Estate Accounting | Property Field Management | Real-time AnalyticsGlobal Property Portfolio Service Management

ONE Pacific Property Management Automation is an integrated property management service platform for property management companies, property developers, property investors of residential, commercial, or public properties.
Property Management | Real Estate Accounting | Property Field Management | Real-time AnalyticsGlobal Property Portfolio Service Management

Finance Automation for Property Management

  • Accounts payable automation
  • Automatic billing for different cycles
  • End-to-end automatic quote to service order to purchase order creation
  • Multiple companies and multiple locations (local or overseas) consolidation
  • Efficiency reconciliation of accounts payable and receivables
  • Real-time reporting of holistic financial performance

Vendor Management for Property Management

  • E-Tendering for suppliers
  • Ease of use anytime, anywhere by suppliers
  • Efficient and data-driven supplier management

Field Servie Management for Property Management

  • Efficient field service order assignment
  • Real-time tracking of maintenance schedule and delivery

Scenario:  Property management companies are to settle numerous expenses ranges from repairs, statutory fees, scheduled maintenance, renovations or improvements, and landscaping, with different credit terms and service schedules.  The payment action is preceded by service order placement, delivery photo record or inventory receipt proof, approval by property manager.  Human errors or late payment may occur with a huge volume of payment requests by manual processes, resulting in service delay, failing to comply with safety standards, and customer experience.

Solution: ONE Pacific Property Management Automation (OPPMA) automatically enables you to setup different regularity of service schedule, automatically place the order, send out payment approvals once service is delivered and tracked, inform your bank and reconcile with the bank transfer.

Business Impact:  Accounts payable automation drastically free your team for more valued tasks. Maintaining an up-to-date, accurate record of your expenses enables your better control of your cashflow.  Seamless approval process allows payment in time for service continuity bring excellent tenant and client experience.

Scenario: Multiple blocks or sites of properties maybe managed by different offices and reflected as subsidiaries on the books. Each office or property manager may have their own way of book-keeping which cannot be rolled up as one view by the finance department in headquarter.

Solution: ONE Pacific Property Management Automation (OPPMA) provides ease of use user interface and tailored property management daily workflows for property manager and front line employees an efficient way to manage different types of services within their property and across the group.Business Impact:  Standardising processes and automation in generating and processing invoices, balance sheet, reconciliation, enabling real-time tracking of the most accurate business and financial performance. Economies of scale in service utilisation across the group become possible.

Looking for vendor management, electronic payment, client billing and field service management for your property management company? There are numerous critical business use cases in our ONE Pacific Property Management Best Practices.

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