With our clients’ business success as our priority, we interweave effective and secure cloud technology into clients’ business around the world, for multinational, large to mid-sized companies and SMBs.

Financial Services

Proven, Secure, Reliable and Scalable

NetSuite provides one integrated platform, delivering standardised processes, reports and compliance with fully auditable business processes and enterprise analytics.



Scalable for your Fast Growth with Transparency

Real-time visibility and reliable data on business performance drives smart decisions and eases the implementation of new business models for geographic expansion and compliance.



Setting the Foundation for Manufacturing Success

NetSuite’ unified cloud manufacturing software keeps the modern manufacturer in sync, accommodating changes in manufacturing operations from shop floor to top floor with great agility.


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Wholesale & Distribution

Driving Competitiveness and Scalability in Wholesale & Distribution

Use NetSuite’s cloud ERP to automate your business processes and get full control of your transaction flow with your customers and suppliers, by enhancing your response to the market.


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Retail & Ecommerce

Transforming your Retail Operation into an eCommerce Empire

Reinforce your brand and your customer’s shopping experience with a cloud-based platform built for customers using both computer and mobile phones, to capture their buying impulses.


Professional Services

Effective Resource Allocation Means Profitability and Service Experience

Achieve a comprehensive, real-time overview of your business resources that enables timely and data-driven decisions for improved profitability and enhancement of your services.



Enjoy benefits of Netsuite’s Cloud ERP & Automated Business Workflows.

Advertising And Digital Marketing Agencies

Streamline agency workflows. Gain insight of client and project-based accounting. Collaborate with a virtual team and gain improved business visibility.


Apparel, Footwear And Accessories

Use NetSuite’s industry-leading omnichannel system to improve your vendor and supplier management along with your customer experience. Meet the increased shopping demand, both online and offline.



Increase your billable hours and profitability. Minimise administrative tasks. Improve realisation rates, project profitability and client satisfaction.



Empower education administrators to focus on your core business needs and to improve your educational services. Streamline administrative processes, decrease costs and enhance strategic decision making.

Food And Beverage

Utilise NetSuite’s industry-leading solution for inventory, order management, eCommerce, financials and CRM. Manage both your Food and beverage distribution and retail omnichannel business management with ease.


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Health And Beauty

Overcome the complexities of the health and beauty business with NetSuite. Enable a buy- anywhere, fulfil-anywhere, return- anywhere experience to your customers. Get control over your inventory.


Restaurants And Hospitality

Adopt a modern and user-friendly ERP system for your franchisors, restaurants, and hospitality groups. A one-in-all solution for your financials, inventory management, supply chain management, point-of-sale, marketing and loyalty.


IT Services

Gain a real-time overview of potential opportunities, resourcing and financials. Streamline your operations. Optimise resource utilisation. Improve the quality of your services.


Software/Internet Companies

Prepare for your high growth business’ full software life cycle, from startup, mid-market to up-market all the way to global enterprise. Use NetSuite first-hand experience to tackle your business issues.


Transportation & Logistics

Utilise global business management and consolidation. WMS, supply chain and inventory management. Core financials for real-time reporting and analytics. Gain rapid ROI with speedy implementation and save on IT costs.