Payment Automation

Automatic procure-to-pay workflow enabling seamless vendor order requisition, placement, payment and reconciliation, optimizing accounts payable efficiency and resources, especially for high volume of suppliers and transactions.

Proven benefits with automatic accounts payable to enterprises:

Improved Cashflow Management

  • Real-time visibility into its cashflow for better-informed financial decisions
  • Streamlining payment process
  • Reducing payment cycles and freeing up cash for other important business operations

Increased Profitability

  • Reducing manual work
  • Reducing the risk of errors and improve the accuracy of financial data
  • Easier to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimise its profitability

Financial Charge and Labour Cost Savings

  • Saving financial charge from separate bank transfer or in-person transfer
  • Reducing labour costs on AP management and reconcilisation
  • Significant time and cost savings on manpower and process

Enhanced Vendor Management

  • Greater control and visibility over vendor payments
  • Better management of vendor relationships and negotiation better terms and pricing

Resource Optimization

  • Reducing the reliance on manual labour
  • Freeing up valuable resources for other critical business operations

Improved Vendor Service Delivery

  • Faster, more accurate payments
  • Reducing delays in vendor service delivery and improving overall satisfaction.

Secure Batch Bank Transfer

  • 2-factor authentication simplified the internal approval process
  • Intuitive vendor and bank details setup
  • Easy batch payment processing instructions and transaction tracking
  • Customer refund tracker
  • Global EFT payment processing

Common business issues in the finance and accounts department

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  • Finding ways to shed cost of the finance and accounts department and trying from financial charges
  • Using multiple vendors for a single type of service
  • Manually sorting and paying vendor invoices in different formats and payment terms across subsidiariesAccounts payable aging and spending extra effort in vendor enquiries handling
  • Emerging customer complaints due to service delay

ONE Pacific Accounts Payable help your end-to-end accounts payable process below:

  • Vendor bill to payment
  • Requisition to receipt
  • Item receipt and vendor bill creation
  • Automatic general ledger impact
  • Electronic payment to bank with two-factor authentication
  • Paid invoice automatic reflection on the system without repetitive reconciliation nor manual work